The Best apps for mobile VR Headsets and Google cardboard

Best VR apps


Movies are always better with friends CineVR was an app i really enjoyed using and i got to experience more social time on busy week nights where i wouldn't normally get chance to meet up. Now this experience really shined for movies that were so terrible its good movies and comedies. We would schedule a night a week and each take turns find the worst best movie and all laugh and comment on the craziness of it. I always find that when a few people laugh around you it makes you laugh more to and its a great release after a long day really worth check out this kind of experience! 

Free, App Store or Google Play  


BattleZ VR

 BattleZ VR is one of the first multiplayer zombie  VR experiences i've ever seen. Don't let the graphics fool you this game is a blast with a few friends over. You can play the game on the spot in a small space and you can choose to move in a few ways from walking on the spot or teleport point movement depending on your choice. You can work together to survive or for added drama you can betray your friends!

Free, App Store or Google Play  

Along Together

 In Along together you are a kid's imaginary friend their invisible companion when there’s no one else around, and their guardian when things get dangerous. This is a really great puzzle game where you take on the roll of helping out your real friend through danger and puzzle pulling levers and cranks on an epic adventure to save your derpy dog! This game is wholesome how you interact with with the world and character. While the game isnt free it is a full game that took me about 4-5 hours to finish.

Paid, (not on app store) Google Play  

 Sky Fighter:Training Day VR

In the not so distant future, today is your first day of training, pay attention and do not disappoint your instructor. Sky fighter has you fly through assault courses, dodge missiles, destroying drones and combat robots. The game also has feature where you collect energy coins to improve your armour skills. While i recommend checking this game take a bit of cation to those who get sick easily while playing vr. 

Free, (not on app store) or Google Play  

My VR girlfriend 

Japan we are not surprised! We wanted to include this one just to show the verity of what apps you can get. It's time to pack your bags and go on an island holiday with Xiaomei!! Yes my friends the future is now. Go on virtual dates, oil your date up as sun burn is no laughing matter. No matter how hard a day you had Xiaomeiwill be there to cheer you up.

Free, App Store or Google Play